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Soap Sprite

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Soap Sprite. I am Darlene O'Neal, owner of Soap Sprite. I offer natural handmade soap and body care products that I make in my home in the Bellefonte/Milesburg area. After 5 years of studying and making soap and body care products as a hobby for myself, friends and family, I turned my hobby into a legal business in 2004 and joined the Boalsburg Farmers' Market in 2005.

As a consumer, I prefer products made from natural ingredients so that is what I provide to my happy customers. My handmade soap and body care products are scented with real plant essential oils (instead of synthetic fragrances) and are colored with clays and/or botanicals (instead of artificial colorants). I carefully formulated my own soap recipe from plant oils (olive oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, plus cocoa butter, avocado oil and/or castor oil) to clean your skin without stripping it of your natural oils. As my customers and friends will tell you, my soaps smell great, are beautiful and are gentle on the skin. The two most often compliments I hear from people that have used my soaps are: (1.) "Your soaps last a long time!" and (2.) "Your soaps smell great the whole way through the bar." I also offer lip balm and foot balm.

Come on out to the Boalsburg Farmers' Market and say "Howdy." I look forward to learning how I can make your day a little brighter.

Darlene O'Neal, Owner
Soap Sprite
Phone: (814) 548-7927

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