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Garden Secrets

Hi and thank you for your interest in our products! My name is Brandon Auman, and I am the Boalsburg representative of my dad's, Linn, company, Garden Secrets. All of our products at Garden Secrets are produced just a stone's throw away in Millheim, PA. We sell a wide variety of flavored ketchups, barbeque sauces, mustards, pepper relishes and also numerous seasonal products such as cocktail sauce and pesto. Be sure to stop by our stand at the market on Tuesdays to see all we have!

It's important to us at Garden Secrets to provide a more local and fresh condiment that can be used for more than just a dip or a topping. Because we don't have a farm, we try as best as we can to grow our own products, but due to limited space, we receive our ingredients from a variety of different outlets. It's extremely important to us to hold a high standard concerning what we put into our products, so wherever we get our products from, we make sure they hold the same values as we do concerning freshness and authenticity. Meaning no chemicals!

Feel free to stop by and sample one or all of our products! If you'd like to make an order or just ask a few questions, our contact info follows:

Brandon Phone: 814 404 9866
Brandon Email:
Linn Phone: 814 441 6982
Linn Email:




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